Extrication.Com Services and Products

On Site Training

  • Basic Skills
  • Intermediate Skills
  • Advanced Skills
  • Rescue Tool Service Technician 
  • Basic-Advanced Instructor 

We offer training at our location or on site at your facilities. If you need guidance, we can assist you in writing a grant proposal. 

Vehicle Rescue Training

Choose from a variety of Extrication.Com vehicle extrication training (Basic-Intermediate-Advnaced) skills.

Our Non-Emergent and Emergent rescue training are designed to keep reponsders (Fire, Police, EMS, Military and Tow Personnel) up to date on all of the latest techniques and advanced vehicle technology.

Training: "Knowledge Replaces Responder Fear"

Custom Training Programs

Let us create a tailored training program with our consulting services.

Extrication.Com develops skills and training programs based on individual client needs to best suit their agency, personnel, equipement and operational requirements.

Does your agency lack funding in your budet for a formal extrication training program? Extrication.Com can assist by providing your grant writer with the necessary information needed for our extrication training programs.  


Rescue Tools

We offer a full line of rescue equipment:

  • GlasMaster Saw
  • Rescue 42
  • Petrogen Tourches
  • Broco Exothermic Torches
  • ResQTec Tools/Lift Airbags

Our hydrualic rescue tools are compatible wtih most high and low pressure systems. 

Who We Are

Extrication.Com is a small business company hiring veterans, providing advanced vehicle rescue and extrication consulting services to emergency responders worldwide. Our trainers are comprised of advanced vehicle extrication specialists known internationally for their field of expertise. We train Fire, Police, EMS, Tow and Military agencies globally; specializing in extrication techniques that we have developed to safely and efficiently reduce the overall time to mitigate a vehicle rescue. 

One of our techniques (Modified Dash Roll/MDR) reduces a dashboard entrapment from the average of 15-30 minutes to 4-6 minutes or less! The MDR is used by both civililan and military Spl Ops units throughout the world. 

On September 11, 2001 we started working with miliary Special Operations personnel to develop advanced emergent vehicle rescue techniques for operators; reducing overall time on site, thus saving lives. We have continually strived to update and better provide military clients with advanced emergent techniques.

Extrication.Com has also been a Toyota consultant co-wrting Hybrid/Electric Emergency Response Guides (ERG) for Toyota Motor Company advanced vehicles.

Our company goal is to provide responders with relevent information and training that allows them extricate an entrapment as safely as possible using the least amount of tasks, equipment, and manpower. We are leaders in the industry, and provide our own research and development, contact us to see how we can help your agency mitigate a rescue.

Contact Extraction.Com to make sure your emergency response team is prepared with our vehicle extrication training.

Proudly Serving Clients Nationwide In the United States, including all Territories (USVI and Guam), Canada, and Other Countries Internationally.