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Consulting Services

Need assistance with vehicle rescue training or OEM consulting?  Extriction.Com provides basic, intermediate and advanced skills training programs specific to your agency's needs. Each client is unique with specific operational needs, Extrication.Com of Plymouth, Massachusetts. 

Classroom and Practical Vehicle Extrication Skills Levels

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Train the Trainer

Military Special Forces and Special Operations Training Programs

  • Emergent Vehicle Extrication
  • Non-Emergent Vehicle Extrication
  • Support Service Technician
  • Support Recovery Operations

Automotive OEM Advanced Vehicle Services

  • Advanced Vehicle Emergency Response Guides (ERG) for advanced vehicle technology: Hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles.
  • Responder Response Training Programs
  • Emergency Responder Guide Recommendations: Fire, First Aid, Spills and Extrication.

Making Vehicle Crash Site Safer

Our company is a consultant writing Emergency Response Guides for Toyota advanced vehicles, and is available to others OEMs in need of response guides. The OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is given the relevent information needed by the responder at an incident to best mitigate a crash incident involving their advanced vehicle product line.

Coping with Advanced Vehicle Crashes

Since the introduction of Toyota and Honda hybrid vehicles in 2001, responders have been learning about new systems available advanced vehicles including but not limited to the following:

  • High Voltage Systems
  • Hybrid Propulsion Systems
  • Advanced Battery Systems
  • Alternative Fuel Systems
  • Advanced Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS)
Its the emergency responders responsiblity to learn how to safely operate at a crash with these new car features for their own safety, the patients and co-workers at an incident. Responders need to redevelop protocols to include conventional and advanced vehicles for crashes involving fire, spills, first aid related to advanced vehicle battery electrolites exposure, and extrication. Our company teaches personnel how to cope with these incidents and to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Vehicle Extrication Basic Skills Student Manual

Extrication specialists Len Watson and Ron Shaw have collaborated to write one of the best basic skills extrication manuals available. It’s basic, easy to read, and to the point. Now Extrication.Com is offering this text for "free" as an electronic (PDF) file to share with your agency's personnel. This publication is currently the official student-training manual and required reading for all practical programs.


Vehicle Extrication Training Programs

Basic Skills
  •   8-Hour Basic Skills Review
  •   16-Hour Vehicle Extrication: Basic Skills
Intermediate Skills
  • New Vehicle Technology
  • Hybrid Vehicle Technology
  • Modified Dash Roll
Instructor Training (All Skills Levels)
  • Basic Skills
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced 
  • Military SF and Spl Ops Instructor 
Advanced skills
  •   8-Hour Advanced Extrication: Heavy Truck
  •   8-Hour Advanced Extrication: Bus Extrication
  •   16-Hour Advanced Extrication: Heavy Machinery
  •   16-Hour Rescue Winching   
  •   40-Hour Heavy Rescue
  •   40-Hour Basic-Intermediate-Advanced Vehicle      Extrication

Special Training Programs

  • 8-Hour Border Patrol: Breaching With Rescue Tools
  • 8-Hour Military Train Ups: Vehicle Extrication
  • 24-Hour Military SF and Spl Ops Vehicle Extrication
  • 40-Hour Military Basic-Advanced Vehcle Extrication
  • 24-Hour Rescue Tool Service Technician 
Vehicle Extrication - Consulting Services

Program Information and Costs

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