Power Hawk & ResQTec 


ResQTec is a Netherlands based company that is not new to the industry; they developed the modern hydraulic rescue tool in the 70's. ResQTec offers a complete product line of rescue tools and equipment:

  • EDD All Electric Rescue Tools
    • 3-4 Hour Run Time Lithium EDD Batteries
    • 10x Extended Run Time Lithium EDD Battery Backpack
  • Hydraulic Tools
    • Cutter
      • Straight Blade
      • Curved Blade
    • Combination Tools
      • Removable Tips
      • Shackles & Chains
    • Spreaders
    • Rams
    • Power Units
    • Twin Line and Single Hoses
    • Tool Accessories
    • Plastic Modular Cribbing
  • Pneumatic-Manual Strut System
  • Rescue/Recovery Lift Bags
  • Aircraft Recovery System
    • Narrow & Wide Body Aircraft 
    • Civilian and Miltary 
    • Purchase & Lease Programs
    • Training Onsite and Europe

Power Hawk

  • P4 All Electric Rescue Tool System
    • P4 Wide Alumnium Spreader Arms With Removable Tips
      • Standard Tips
      • Aircraftt Breaching Tips
      • Combi Tool 
      • Curved Cutters
  • P16 All Electric Rescue Tool System 

Extrication.Com Exclusive P4 "TRADE-UP TRADE-IN (P16)" OFFER 

If your agency currently is a Power Hawk client and owns a P16 Rescue Tool System, for a short time we will be offering a P16 Trade Up Program to the P4. Trade-in your older P16 Body (regardless of age or condition), Controller and receive a 20% discount off a NEW P4 Body. You can retain your P16 attachments as they can be used with the new P4 cordless tool. 

If your agency is thinking of upgrading or enhancing an existing rescue tool system, consider the advanced hydraulics, modular cribbing, rescue or recovery lift airbags, contact us for recommendations. Our territory is limited to MA, RI, NH, VT, ME, the entire Caribbean, USVI, PR, Guam and U.S. Military. We also offer a special service technician training program that allows you to service, repair and test your own hydraulic rescue tools. 

ResQTec Website: www.resqtec.com                    Power Hawk Website: www.powerhawk.com

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