Training Classes

Caribbean Association of Fire Chiefs Convention, Southampton, Bermuda

Extrication.Com will be provided (3) shifts of Bermuda structural and airport firefighters with Hybrid Vehicle Saftey Training and an introduction into ResQTec ProFix Max Strut System and the New NT Hybrid Rescue Lift Airbag Systmem.

Attendees at the CAFC Convention please who stopped by our booth were able to see some of the the latest in rescue tool inovations: 

  • ResQTec ProFix Max (Pneumatic/Manual) Struts
    • Struts/Extentions Can Be Used With V-Series Rams
    • Ultimate Vehicle Rescue Stabilization System
  • Power Hawk P4 Fast Attach Tool, All Electric Fast Attack Rescue Tool
    • No Setup Time, Immediate Full Power Availability
    • All Electric, NO Hydraulics
    • Versitile: Swap Cutter Heads and  Spreader Arms in Seconds
    • 4-Hour Lithium Battery Run Time with Lifetime Warranty (9,000 Charge Cyles)
  • ResQTec Hybrid New Technology (NT) High Pressure-High Lift Rescue Airbags
    • 20% Trade In Offer When Purchasing any NT Hybrid Lift Bag System, regardless of your condition, age or make lift airbag you trade-in!
  • GlasMaster (Glass & Aircraft Rescue Saw)
  • MIDI ResQTec 3-Stage Power Unit with Neo1 Hot Swap 360 Degree Swivel Coaxial Hydraulic Hose System 
  • Power Hawk Auto Crib-IT 
    • AC-14 For Passenger Vehicles
    • AC-17 For SUVs/Pickups

If your agency operates in the Caribbean, ask us for a CAFC Convention Special!

Note: We would like to thank the St Thomas USVI for allowing us to use their Power Hawk P4 for convention display. The St Thomas Rescue ws the first emergency service agency ordered the first P4 in North America. 

2017 Extrication Training Programs

New England Area Training

We are currently seeking host agencies in the following states in New England, if your agency is interested in hosting an open enrollment vehicle extrication program please contact us for details. 

Rhode Island 

  • 4-Hour Basic Skills: Combination Tool Training (Electric & Hydraulic Rescue Tools)

New Hampshire 

  • 8-Hour Intermediate Skills: New Technology


  • 8-Hour Advanced Extrication Skills: School Bus Module


  • 8-Hour Advanced Vehicle Stabilization Module


  • 8- Hour Advanced Rescue Lift  Airbags

St. Thomas Rescue, St. Thomas, USVI

Course Dates: TBA 2017 

St. Thomas Rescue, St. Thomas, USVI
40-Hr "Basic - Intermediate - Advanced Vehicle Extrication" Program 

The 40-Hr Basic through advanced skills program is designed for entry level as well as the seasoned extrication specialist. This will be our third 40-hour program for St. Thomas Rescue. Practical sessions will utilize all types of passenger, medium-heavy trucks, buses specialty vehicles during practical sessions. The advanced bus extrication session now includes alternative rescue winching techniques. Contact us to be put on a wait list to reserve your place in the course.  

Course Outline:

Training Day-1   8-Hours, "Basic Skills" Part-1

Training Day-2   8-Hours, "Basic Skills" Part-2

Training Day-3   8-Hours, "Intermediate Skills"

Training Day-4   8-Hours, "Advanced Extrication: Heavy Truck"

Training Day-5   8-Hours, "Advanced Extrication: Bus"

Course Dates: TBA Pending 


St. Thomas Rescue, St. Thomas USVI
24-Hr "Rescue Tool Service Technician" Program 

The Extrication.Com 24-Hr technician program is offered only to mechanics (we do offer a 40-Hr program for non-mechanics) who are responsible for performing service, repairs and annual testing of their respective agency's hydraulic rescue tools in USVI; prior experience with small engine repairs is suggested. The course will be based on current equipment used by the host agency (St Thomas Rescue), which will be used as our practical shop props and during the hands-on tool session. It should be noted, that this presentation is a generic program and does not endorse any one manufacturer for this program. Attendees will learn cognative and enabling objectives which will allow them to properly perform the following disciplines during the course.

  • Hydraulic Safety 
  • Where and How to Obtain Manufacturer's "Responder Safety Information For First Aid, Fire and Spill Control"
  • Hydraulic Theory
  • Servicing Tool/Equipment
  • Routine Hydraulic Tool Safety Inspections
  • Recommended Manufacturer's Service Tests
  • Conduct Procedures for Common Service and Repairs
  • Conduct Technician's Annual Inspection and Testing
  • Service/Repair Documentation
  • Operator Inspections (Pre-Operation & Post Operation) and Routine Operator Service
  • Practical Session For "Hands-On Tool Time" (Understanding How Tools Work Under Load)
  • How to Determine Tool Damage
  • Understanding Tool (LIft TIme) Warranty 

The Extrication.Com service technician program is uniqe in that it address features that most tool manufacturers may not address in their service tool technician's course. Our program trainer is a master mechanic and certified service rescue tool technician with almost a decade servicing and repairing rescue tool systems. The course is based on common manufacturer's recommendations as well as our trainers years of service in the field. The course will feature one mechanic talking to another, in their language with a limited size class of 6-8 attendees. 

Most hydraulic rescue tool systems have a commonality that allow them to interchange. 

  • Compatible Operating Pressure 5,000 and 10,000 psi or "Ultimate Pressure" Tools That Will Operate With Either 5k or 10k psi Tool Systems
  • Fluid Compatibility (Hydraulic Fluid Type) 
  • Fluid Volume Compatible For A Given Tool Requirements 
  • Common Connectors

Once these features have been met, any hydraulic tool can be interchangable with another tool manufacturer's system.  Why is this important? Hydraulic rescue tools are a major expenditure, not only at the time of purchase, but the cost of service and repairs and future up dates. Some departments are looking to merge systems together into one that will allow them to operate a generic tool system or transition from one manufacturer to another with out the loss of good equipment. The first step merging tools is to explain how this is done at the mechanic/technician level. 

The course will include:

  • Extrication.Com Course Handouts (Including Service Manuals for Class Props and PowerPoint Student Handouts)
  • Lunch and Dinner Meals Provided by Extrication.Com

Course Dates: TBA

St Thomas Rescue has opened the course by invitation to  emergency agencies in the USVI (St Thomas, St Croix and St John), interested agencies should contact Liston Thomas, Chief of St Thomas Rescue. 

Disclaimer: Our program will focus on the generic service and repair of hydraulic equipment. 


Training Course Offerings

  • Basic Extrication Skills 
    • 16-Hrs "Basic Skills"
    • 8-Hrs "Basic Skills Review"
  • Intermediate Vehicle Rescue (Fire, Spills, First Aid and Extrication) Skills
    • 8-Hrs "Vehicle Rescue New Technology"
    • 24-Hrs "Rescue Tool Service Technician"
    • Rescue Winching
  • Advanced Extrication Skills
    • 8-Hrs "Adv Extrication: Heavy Farm Machinery"
    • 8-Hrs "Adv Extrication: Heavy Construction Machinery"
    • 8-Hrs "Adv Extrication: School Bus"
    • 8-Hrs "Adv Extrication: Heavy Truck"
    • 40-Hrs "Basic-Intermediate-Advanced Extrication"
    • 40-Hrs "Adv Extrication: Heavy Rescue"
  • DOD/Military Personnel Only
    • 40-Hrs "Non-Emergent Tactics: Basic through Advanced Vehicle Extrication for Support Personnel"
    • 4-Hrs "Emergent Tactics: Basic/Advanced Review Train-Ups" 
    • 8, 16 & 24 Hrs "Emergent Tactics: Advanced Vehicle Extrication for SF/Spl Ops"
    • 8-Hrs "Advanced Rescue Tool Service Technician for Support Personnel"
    • 8-Hrs "Vehicle Extrication: Rescue Winching" 
Key Learning Topics
  • Non-Emergent and/or Emergent Extrication (Basic-Intermediate-Advanced) Principals
  • Basic-Advanced Extrication Techniques Target: Civilian Passenger Vehicles, Medium to Heavy Trucks, Buses and Heavy Machinery
  • Military Extrication Techniques: Heavy Machinery, Aircraft and Mechanical Breaching Armored Vehicles
  • Proper Operational Skills for Equipment: Hand tools, Rescue/Recovery Lift Airbags, Heavy Hydraulic Tools, Broco/Petrogen Cutting Torches and Portable/Fixed Winches

Hands-on Learning

Our training integrates classroom time with practical training sessions that efficiently reduces the overall time to mitigate a rescue using the least amount of techniques, manpower and equipment. Thus reducing the overall time to mitigate a vehicle rescue, which saves lives. Extrication.Com classes will update emergency responders on new technologies, such as coping with electric or fuel cell vehicles. All municipal/DOD classes are tailored to meet your individual requirements. Tell us your needs and we’ll write a proposal for you to consider.

Specializing in the Modified Dash Roll ((MDR)) 

The Modified Dash Roll (MDR) is the most radical change to extrication since the introduction of heavy rescue tools. We offer a standalone PDF or MS PowerPoint™ lesson plan slideshow presentation detailing modern vehicle construction and "how to perform" extrication instructions for variations of the MDR technique. This is the same program that we present in our "Basic through Advanced Extrication" and "Vehicle Extrication: New Vehicle Technology" programs. The Modified Dash Roll (MDR) technique is being taught throughout the world as an alternative dashboard displacement technique. The fastest time on record was performed by one of our alumni from Fairfax, VA, who was able to extricate a victim using the MDR in a remarkable 3:42 minutes.

The MDR is an efficient alternative dash displacement technique that may be used in many different applications such as:

  • Rapid Extrication In 4-6 Minutes, or less!
  • SIPS Avoidance
  • Vehicle Under Rides with Little Forward Clearance
  • Reducing Debris Caused By Glass Removal
  • Doors And Roof Can Be Left On Or Removed

With practice, responders are able to relocate a dash in four to six minutes, with the roof and doors on and minimal glass removal using only a large cutter (or reciprocating saw) and a large spreader (or a small or medium ram). 

Additional Course Information

Non-Emergent and Emergent Basic through advanced skills training programs are available for civilian and military personnel. Open enrollment programs are available for all responders regardless of their affiliation.

Span of Control

  • Civilian classes are available for up to 30 students, with a ratio of (1) hands-on instructor per (15) students.
  • Military SF, Spl Ops emergent extrication training for rescue of entrapment's from civilian, military vehicles and aircraft. Military training classes utilize a span of control of (8) operatives with (1) instructor. 
  • Training for military support personnel (non-emergent) extrication programs are available for as many as (30) students, with a ration of (1) hands-on instructor per (15) students. All Service Technician training programs are limited to no more than (8) trainees per class.
  • We offer both classroom and practical training: Classroom lectures can be augmented by having your training officer present using a lesson plan supplied by Extrication.Com to reduce costs due to budget constraints and availability of your membership. Our training is flexible, we tailor our classes to meet the needs of the client.


Proudly Serving Clients Nationwide In the United States, Including All Territories (USVI and Guam), Canada, and Other Countries Internationally