Power Hawk & ResQTec 

The latest innovations to rescue tools by ResQTec is the all Electric Direct Drive (EDD) tool line. The EDD line-up a "Fast Attack Tools" that can be first tool off your truck and start working immediately!


ResQTec Battery Powered Electric Direct Drive Tools

  • X2 Spreader: Dedicated Spreader
    • Max Spreader Opening 23 7/8 Inches
    • Max Spread Force 38,937 lbf
  • V4 Ram: Electric Direct Drive Ram
    • Can Connect With Another V4 or ProFix Max Strut System
    • Max Stroke 11 3/4 Inches - Extended Length 36 7/8 Inches
    • Max Push Force 22,031 lbf
  • G6C Cutter
    • Max Cutting Opening 8 Inches
    • Max Cutting Force 214,468 lbf
  • G6C Cutter
    • Max  Cutting Opening 5 5/16 Inches
    • Max Cutting Force 99,366 lbf

If your agency is in New England (MA, RI, VT, NH and ME), the Caribbean, US Territories including Guam, US Homeland Defense or US DOD contact us