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Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Extrication Class Photos

Plymouth, MA Extrication.Com Power Hawk P4 Does Extrication.Com's Modified Dash Roll During Interanl Company Training.

During an interal company training session at Steve Almedia's Salvage Yard, Plymouth, MA, Extrication.Com staff performed it's Modifed Dash Roll with an all electric Power Hawk P4 Rescue Tool. After the P4 successfully performed the MDR, we used Power Hawk mechanical "Pusher Ram" system hyper extended the MDR so that it rotated the dash over the vehicle's cowl. If you are unfamilar with the P4, its an all electric tool rescue tool that can change from a spreader to a choice of cutter head attachments in seconds. 

Extrication.Com originally developed the Modified Dash Roll (over 27 years ago) to perfrom a dashboard displacement using only two tools: Spreader & Cutter, leaving the roof and doors on thus cutting the average time from 15-30 minutes down to 2-4 minutes. The original dash roll was done by removing all the glass, roof removal or flapping back, and removing the door on the entrapment side. While this is a good technique to retain, for the most part the MDR can replace this time consuming technique. 

For this training session we used the Power Hawk P16 and the new P4 (shown on our tool page and home page) rescue tools systems. The P4 (introduced in North America 2016) is a new cordless electric rescue tool, its not battery over hydraulics as its competitors, this feature extends the state of charge (duration) of the lithium battery before swapping batteries not by minutes, but by hours. During our training we utilized a single Electric Direct Driver (EDD) Battery for over (4) hours before swapping out the battery. Combine the P4 rescue tool with the Power Hawk Pusher Rams and the rescue tool system becomes a great alternative to the hydraulics. 

The tool can be taken off the apparatus and be put into action, its a fast attack tool that costs less than a hydraulic system. Technically its not a dedicated combi tool, but it has 16" spreader arms that swap out in seconds between cutter head attachments. 

 If you look at the still photo to the left you will notice the the P4 locked in postion in a Pusher Ram with an extension. 

If you have an older Power Hawk P16, you can update the tool with the new designed aluminum arms and removable/reversable tips. 

Any of the P16 attachments can be shared with the P4. There is less maintenance than a hydraulic system. The batteries are rated for 9,000 cyles.

Is the P4 a spreader or cutter, it's both. Currently under development is a combination tool attachment that will be released soon. 

Show in the photos are Rodney Miller, Mike Shmidt and Ron Shaw.

Edicott Fire Rescue BP Oil Company Alaska 

40-Hr Basic-Intermediate-Advanced Extrication Program

Vehicle Inverted: "Tunneling through Trunk"  Day-2 Basic Skills Activity. All our programs teach students to "think outside of the box", there is always more than one way to do things and to utilize different tools to accomplish tasks; not relying on any single tool or techique performing extrication. 

Location: Extrication.Com Plymouth, MA 

Edicott Fire Rescue BP Oil Company Alaska

40-Hr Basic-Intermediate-Advanced Program

Dashboard Entrapment: "Rescue Winching" Students used a portable winch to displace steering wheel column/dash with door and roof on. Day-2 Basic Skills activity. This is an alternative time saving technique that is a spin-off of Extrication.Com's Modified Dash Roll (pictured on home page).

Location: Extrication.Com, Plymouth MA

40-Hr Basic-Intermediate-Advanced Program

Complex Crash: "Heavy Truck-Trailer vs. Passenger Vehicle"

One of six Mexican Red Cross Instructors attending our Greater Toronto program. Day-4 Advanced Extrication Heavy Truck. This was one of many scenios used that students wanted to replicate from an actual incident that they encountered. 

Immobilization, stabilization and disabling of the three vehicles envolved was the first issue students had to overcome. An incident like this can tax the local resources due to mass, weight and height factors. Having a MCI heavy truck/bus preplan will help guide your responders, having hands-on training will instill the extrication principals needed to mitigate such a crash. 

Location: Extrication.Com, Tornonto, ONT, Canada

40-Hr Basic-Intermediate-Advanced Extrication Program

School Bus Dashboard Entrapment: Advanced Rescue Winching

Extrication.Com's inspects the rigging for safety prior to winching the entire dashboard free of entrapment. Day-5 Advanced Extrication Bus Scenario. The team scenario took less than ten minutes to setup and execute including stabilizing the bus. How long would it take your responders to displace the entire dashboard using only hydraulic tools?

Location: Greater Toronto Area, ONT, Canada

8-Hour Intermediate Extrication: "New Technology"

Ron Shaw accepting an award at the Caribbean Chiefs Conference by the San Pedro Fire Department for the Extrication.Com New Technology presentation. 

Responders from the entire Caribbean region attend the program that was delivered as a courtesy by Extrication.Com. This was the first time area responders learned about passive and active SRS, ROPS, new vehicle construction, hybrid-electric vehicle safety (including fire, spills, first aid and extrication concerns).  

Location: Caribbean Fire Chief's Association Conference, San Pedro, Domminican Republic

Special Ops Extrication Training & Equipment Testing

Military Fast Attack Tool (MFAT) 

Training with a specially developed tool system that can be used from a mobile (ground/AC) platform for heavy rescue (civilian and military vehicles). High pressure hydraulic tool that can work off either a hydraulic-electric battery pack or small portable ICE power unit. Here operative is cutting door hinges with combination tool that has short detachable tips that can be changed out in seconds with extended tips that will also receive shackles and chains for pulling.  

Location: Extrication.Com, Exeter, NH 

Petrogen Rescue Cutting Torch Training

In our DOD recovery and civilian heavy rescue training attendees will utilize cutting torches such as the Petrogen Oxy-Gasoline and newly developed multi-fuel adapter.  Petrogen torches cut fast will slice through 14-inches of steel. Unlike Oxy-Gas torches, the Petrogen will even cut rusty steel. 

Practical DOD uses: Armored vehicles as well as structural steel applications. 

Multi-fuel Advantages: Heavy fuels such as diesel, bio-diesel, kerosene, or military fuels such as JP-A, JP-8, JP-5, JP-24 are readily available to all US DOD and NATO teams.

Location: Extrication.Com, Plymouth, MA

Getting The Back To Basics!

Here responders are using Hi-Lift jack to displace a passenger side dashboard. Does your personnel know how to use simple tools to perform an extrication? In our programs we teach the students to use hand, power and heavy rescue tools to perform the tasks associated with extrication. Using only heavy hydraulic tools may not be the most efficient way to perfrom a rescue.

Since the introduction of hydraulic rescue tools in the 70's, there has been a void in training and the use of other hand and power tools that may expedite the rescue. 


Extrication.Com, Kingston, MA

In Memory of Larry Bovin, Sargent Major, US Army (Retired) and Extrication.Com Instructor

Larry Boivin (right) and Ron Shaw

I first met Larry while conducting training for his military unit, we connected instantly and soon became best friends. After his retirement Larry worked occasionally as our military liaison/instructor for our SF/Spl Ops programs. Larry was a fearless (Silver Star recipient) well respected solider and loving husband. During every conversation Larry would speak of the joy of his family.

Larry's accidental death on November 15, 2012 by a train in Midland, TX has left a loss that will not be replaced. Larry was a true hero, including the last few seconds of his life when he preformed the ultimate sacrifice, not to a fellow solider on mission, but that of his loving wife who was next him. Larry pushed his wife aside as the on coming train collided struck a parade float loaded with wounded warriors and their wives. Three other wounded warriors suffered the same fait; tragically it was suppose to be a day of honoring the wounded warriors.

For those that served and personally knew Larry, and his family; I promise Larry's memory will never be forgotten.  

Breacher's Convention, Springfield, IL