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Training Programs 

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Toronto Canada 40-Hr Program

40-Hour Basic - Intermediate - Advanced Vehicle Extrication Program



Basic Skills

16-Hour "Basic Skills" Program: Designed for entry level responder as well as seasoned extrication specialist, upon completion of this program attendees should be able to perform basic vehicle extrication rescue skills while under limited suppervision. Class vehicles unitilized in practical basic skills extrication scenarios will be limited to: Passenger vehicles, vans, pickups, SUVs/SUTs, and advanced propulsion vehicles. Responders will learn cognative and enabling objectives as established by nationally accepted extrication standards as according to local agency policies as required for municipal hires.

8-Hour Basic Skills Review Program: Designed for the responder who has completed our 16-hour basic skills program within the previous (3) years. 

Intermediate Skills

4 & 8 Hour "New Technology Programs focus on new vehicle technology for conventional and advanced vehicles, introducing new techniques and skills with increased chanllenges and risks beyond the level associated with the basic skills training level. The Extrication.Com Modified Dash Roll technique is taught in this skills level. Students are taught to think out side of the box as well as being methodical as they progress through the three basic vehicle rescue procedures:

  • Immobilization
  • Stabilization
  • Disabling Energy Systems

All of our programs utilize hand/power tools as well as heavy rescue tools and rescue lift pneumatic bags. There is no vehicle crash exactly the same as the next. Each incident may have similarities, but unique. Each agency is also unique with different rescue policies, tools ranging from simple hand tools to heavy in state of the art equipment, from a few responders on scene to multiple companies with many personnel.  for that reason 

Advanced Skills

The advanced skills programs are taught in our 40-hour program or devided into standalone 8-hour modules:

  • Heavy Truck
  • Bus
  • Heavy Machinery: Construction
  • Heavy Machinery: Farm Machinery

The Heavy Truck and Bus programs are taught as part of our 40-hour Basic-Interemediate-Advanced Skills Extrication Program or as a standalone program. Learning objectives follow a normal skills progression starting with entry level objectives and blending into the more advanced skill requirements associated with heavy truck and bus. 

Combination Basic Through Advanced Skills Program

This is our most popular civilian extrication program, it combines (4) modules into a single program. The program can be done in a (5) day week program for the carreer responder. For the call and volunteer responder the (4) modules can be delivered in (2) 20-hour modules over (2) conscecutive weekends.

Extrication.Com offers a unique 40-hour extrication training program that introduces cognative and enabling learning objectives in progression based on student skills developed in previous enabling objectives durning the practical training sessions. For this reason, our 40-hour basic through advaned programs are open to all responders including future candidates as well as the seasoned extrication speciallists. 

Attendees will learn common rescue goals such as approach/sight safety, immobilizing, stabilizing and disabling a crash vehicle, patient access and space making techniques. There are no two crashes exactly alike, for this reason we teach attendees to "think outside the box" utilizing all the techniques during our training sessoins. 

We don't try to change the responder or rewrite an agencies policies; what our presentations do is to explain our methodology and techniques that we have developed over decades of training. After the program they can incorporate the knowledge they have gained from our program if desired. We are confident that during the first day of class even the most season specialist will soon be open to learning. In our open enrollment programs we have international responders the are here to learn and we encourage the to share there knowledge. 

40-Hour Basic - Intermediate - Advanced Probgram Outline of Modules

  • Training Day-1: Basic Skills I
  • Training Day-2: Basic Skills II
  • Training Day-3: Intermediate Skills  (New Technology)
  • Training Day-4: Advanced Extricaiton: Truck
  • Training Day-5: Advanced Extrication: Bus

By the end of this program trainees will be able to work with little or no supervision to the training skills completed. 

Note: Attendees will earn certificates according to the skills levels completed if unable to complete the entire 40-Hour program, and may make up the remaining skill level(s) in another open enrollment for the missed skills level at a future date. 


Train the Trainer/Instructor

  • 40-Hour Basic Through Advanced Skills
  • 40-Hour DOD SF/Spl Ops Emergent and Non-Emergent Extrication Skills

Municipal Service Mechanic's Program

  • 24-Hour Rescue Tool Technician: Limited to ResQTec hydraulic tools for our USVI, Guam & US Territories Caribbean clients only. 

DOD SF/Spl Ops Emergent Extrication

  • 4-Hour Train-ups
  • 8-Hour Train-ups (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Skills for Emergent Extrication)
  • 24-Hour Basic Through Advanced Program
  • 40-Hour Basic Through Advanced Program
  • 24-Hour Rescue Tool Technician 
  • 40-Hour Train the Trainer

Unique to the DoD programs are the types of rescue we teach: 

  • "Non-Emergent" rescue is when full safeties in place in a secured LZ. 
  • "Emergent" rescue is when the responder is in a Hot Zone and establishes safeties "as required". This is not to be confused with a "rapid extrication" technique used with non-emergent rescues. 

For our Carribean, Guam and DoD ResQTec tool clients, we will also offer a special module for rescue tool service technician that will allow a client to service, maintain and make their own repairs to our ResQTec (low/high pressure) hydraulic tools. 


We Proudly Serve Clients Nationwide In the United States, Including All Territories (USVI and Guam), Canada, and Other Countries Internationally


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