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NT Rescue Lift Bag Trade-Up

ResQTec NT Hybrid Lift Bags Offer

Now is the time to trade up your older rescue lift bags for the ResQTec New Technology 175 psi rescue lift bag system.  Extrication.Com will offer our clients a 20% discount toward the purchse of a new ResQTec NT Hybrid Rescue Lift Bag System when your agency turns in to Extrication.Com their old airbags, regardless of manufacturer or condition. 

How it works

  • Step-1 Your Agency Selects Their Choice of The New 175 psi NT Hybrid Lift Airbags
  • Step-2 When The NT Lift Bag System Comes In, Extrication.Com Will Deliver And Provide Agency Training
  • Step-3 Once The NT Hybrid System Is Placed In Service Extrication.Com Will Take Possesion of The Agency's System  

NT Hybrid Bag: Strongest and Most Versatile You Can Get

The design of the NT Hybrid bags is the driving force behind its many features and capabilites. The oval shape forces the bag to stay flat through out the lift. Its embedded Load Capacity Enhancer (LCE) and Stability Center turns limitations of lifting bags into strengths and ease of use. 

Stability Center: When making a high lift, side forces are working on the bags and a side load is automatically created putting the bags at an angle. The Stability zcenter consistes of a metal core with threaded connectors in the middle that allow the bags to follow the load (the angle as a result of the side load).

Modular: A powerful feature is the modularity. With the NT Hybrid you can easily fill gaps by connecting 2 or 3 NT Hybrid bags or by connecting the optional PowerPlate and use interlockig cribbing blocks. In either situation full flifting capacity, stability and safety remains unaffected. 

Load Capacity Enhancier: The LCE itself provides maximized lifting capacity at maximum lifting heights. It prevents capacity loss or the incapability of lifting smaller objects, such as axle of a truck or an I-beam. If only 10% of the surface area is used, the LCE still delivers 100% lifting capacity. 

Features: The NT Hybrid brings the height of low pressure lift bags and the capacity of high pressure lift bags into one system. However, unlike low pressure bags, NT Hybrid lift bags remain stable throughout the lift. This feature allows the NT bags to be used for either rescue or recovery operations. 

  • Thinnest Rescue Oval Bags Available 
  • Large Stroke Or Effective Lifting Height
  • Lightest Bags In The Industry
  • Highest Power To Weight Ratio
  • LCE With Integrated Point Load Capacity
  • NT Hybrid System Seamlessy Integrates With ProFix Max Stabilization System


  • 174 psi Regulator With 6.6 FT Inlet Hose
  • 174 psi Connectable Handheld Dual 
  • Shutoff With 6.6 FT Hose (Rubber or Plastic), Available R/Y/B/G Colors
  • Delivery Hose (Rubber or Plastic), Available R/Y/B/G Colors
  • Dual Air Cylinder
  • Connector Key
  • Multi Rescue Tool
  • Solid Quick Connector (Double Male)
  • PowerPlate 
  • PowerPlate Plug
  • Floor Mat
  • Floor Mat Plug

NT-2 Hybrid Lift Bags

Operating Pressure: 174 PSI

Max Lift Capacity at Max Lift Ht: 6.8 US Ton

Insertion Ht: 3/8" - 1 5/16"

Max Lift Height: N x 10 13/16

Effective Lift Height: N x 9.5"

Volume: 5.8 US Gallons

Weight: 14.3 lbs

Safety Factor: >4

NT-4 Hybrid Lift Bags

Operating Pressure: 174 PSI

Max Lift Capacity at Max Lift Ht: 10.5 US Ton

Insertion Ht: 3/8" - 1 7/8"

Max Lift Height: N x 17 3/8"

Effective Lift Height: N x 15.5"

Volume: 26.2 US Gallons

Weight: 34.2 lbs

Safety Factor: >4

NT-8 Hybrid Lift Bags

Operating Pressure: 174 PSI

Max Lift Capacity at Max Lift Ht: 172 US Ton

Insertion Ht: 3/8" - 2.75"

Max Lift Height: N x 26 3/16"

Effective Lift Height: N x 23 7/16"

Volume: 92.5 US Gallons

Weight: 83.8 lbs

Safety Factor: >4